How can I set up game room booking?

Hi there,

I have 3 (identical) game rooms, opened 7/7 from 10AM to 12PM, sold by slots of 2 hours to teams of 3 to 5.

I would like to enable the customers to book one or several game rooms for 2 hours and to set a price depending on (i) group size (ie 3 to 5 ppl), (ii) hour, ie peak hours c. 30% more expensive than non-peak hour.

Is it possible with Checkfront? If so, how can I do?

Thank you!



  • Hi @Damien,

    The main problem I see with this setup is that anything other than hourly or daily bookings are not supported by Checkfront, though there are plans to integrate it into the system. It sounds like your case might work best going through an API instead of a UI. Check out what we've done to customize this client's rental and reservation pages:

    Going through an API allows for nuances of pricing and time slots that cannot be achieved through a simple user interface in most booking systems.

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