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This is a continued series from our "Create a simple room setup" at

One of the more familiar requests is how to set up some tours with adult and child pricing. This example will show how you create simple tours such as the tours on the test site

First what you need to do is create some parameters for the adult and child pricing underManage->Setup->Configuration. In our example you will see that I created two parameters for our bus tours but pay attention to the selection to select Inventory Control:


The reason that the Inventory Control setting is chosen is because we know that there are a limited amount of seats on the bus and the bus companies charges their rates on a per-seat basis.

Now that the parameters have been defined, you can now go ahead and create the items in your inventory for the tours that you will offer. It is important to set the allocation of the item to Day and put the the departure time in the title of the tour so that the customer knows what time their booking is for. The quantity is set to 44 because that is the total number of seats on our bus and the two booking parameters at the bottom are selected because our tours are priced on the number of seats available. 


For the pricing of the two parameters, the adult and child bus seats can be set accordingly . Remember to price them as a per booking


Under the Availability tab of the item, set the Default Length to 1as these bus tours are single day bus tours. Setting the Default Length to 1 removes the end date when the customer makes their booking

The default status of the tours is set to unavailable as we will use Events to create the availability which run from Monday to Friday. (More information on events can be found at


Now we create the events to set the availability of the bus tours. The bus tours run Monday to Friday so what we need to do is create three events, one event for each departure time: Note: You can create one event and use the copy button to copy the event for the other two departure times. 


In the event themselves, you would choose to make them available and give the event a title that shows the departure time of the tour. In our example I just gave it the same name of the corresponding item. The recurrence was set to weekly and I chose the days of the week that the tours will run. In the Apply To section, I choose the corresponding item to the event.


You can now see this in action by making your own test booking at

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