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Hello all,

We have a new team working on our mobile apps for Checkfront.  This currently includes iPad, iPhone / iOS, but Android will follow.

The new apps will include a new mobile dashboard, a better calendar and the ability to edit bookings details along with some performance tweaks.

If you aren't using our mobile apps, you can download one here:  If you are, please let us know how you are using the apps.  What do you like, dislike and any feature requests.



  • :) Another great feature would be for staff to be able to CHECK-IN customers on departure of tours, even if they are not there to scan in with barcode >  Maybe a online site to check-in voucher codes
  • It's important to have a possibility (also very necessary for the non-mobile version) 

    1) to be able to add payment and keep track of who collected the payment (logged in checkfront user should be registered as payment collector)

    2) to have more payment options other than POS and Credit card (such as cash, cheque, several currencies)

    3) default amount should not come as the outstanding balance since (although this makes things easier) money related things must be accurate rather than easy. So the user should enter the amount manually to prevent possible mistakes and unnecessary correction refunds (meanwhile guest doesn't get incorrect updated bookşng invoices).

    Items 1 and 2 are critical to be able to get payment reports and stop following these things in excel files...

  • At times when our store is busy and both registers are taken we use an iPad. We do not use the app for the simple reson: no ability to print. This is huge for us and a very important feature. So, instead we use the safari app on the iPad.
  • I am able to log into the iphone app. However I always get an error that the app cannot connect to my storefront. Why?
  • It would be nice if the Map feature would work on Android?

    Also would be great to add bookings with the mobile app?

    Lastly if you could allocate each booking to different staff members would be of great value :)

    For the most part Checkfront rocks!

    Keep up the good work guys!

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