I have a question about checkfront setup.

Lets say that i run a hotel with 3 rooms. 
When my customers perform the booking, they have no idea want room they will get. 
When I login to my checkfront - I off course wan't to assign a specifik room to them. 
If a returning customer then calls me, and ask if he can rent room no.2, I can check the checkfront site and tell if it's available or not. 

So how can I do that? 

I guess you could call this kind of setup; hotel setup?
The customer doesn't know what specific room, but from checkfront I can always find out. 

I attached an image for you to see, where I could imagine this feature. 

I hope you can help me, 


  • Hello @Sistersadmin,

    It appears that what you should do is list each of your three rooms as separate items in the inventory setup. Then be sure that the "quantity" for each item is set to "1".

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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