Rates by Time Period (e.g. Week, Month, Year)

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Looking at Checkfront for use with campground. Need the ability to specify different rates if booked weekly or monthly.

Can't see how to do this in current system. Maybe I'm missing something, or perhaps a new feature is needed. I need to specify not just a base daily rate, but a base weekly and base montly rate since these rates also change based on the season.

The rate changes depending on the quantity booked - e.g. 1-6 days uses daily rate, 7-29 days uses weekly rate, 30 days or over uses monthly rate. Pro-rate additional days that don't comprise the full time period (e.g. if daily rate is $12/day, and weekly rate is $70/week, then if book for 10 days the cost is $70 + $30 = $100 (not $70 + $36 = $116).


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront

    This is currently available in the system by mixing rule sets, and rates. For example create a rule set with a minimum of 7 days and a maximum for 29. Then create a new rate (called weekly) and attach it to the new rule set you created. From here you can set your weekly pricing, either dynamically, or by setting a new price in your inventory.

    One thing to remember is that regardless of your minimums, Checkfront needs to know your daily or nightly rate. So instead of setting a price for $70, you would set your nightly rate for the new rate at $10.

    A 10 day booking under this scenario would be $100 (all in the weekly rate @ $10).
  • I need something like it...

    Is it possible to:
    a night in appartment A is in the month januari 50 dollar a night.
    a night in appartment A is in the month februari 45 dollar a night.
    for all years to come in the future.

    Each month i have predefined prices.
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