Notifications By Category or Item

We have the need to send slightly differing notifications to customers based on category and even items.

So the ability to do this would be great!



  • Hello threelittlewishes,

    I have been working on something like this. I have released some of my code online. If you would like to check about this further please contact me. 

  • I agree and would like this feature as well. We want to run two businesses off one system and this is the main hurdle to overcome.

    @gegere we would be interested in your development of this feature/code.

  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    The only real complication here as to making this a feature in the system, is what happens when multiple items are included in a single booking, that have different notifications triggered.  We haven't quite come to a consensus on the workflow.   
  • Yeah, bit of a pickle there, since you probably wouldn't want to send a stack of notifications to your customer all at once.  One possibility for a case like that would be to have the different notifications concatenated, but if say you're using the same text with slight variations, it wouldn't work very well with them just strung together.

    If you're in a rush/feel like rolling your own, and are comfortable writing a script to run on your server to process notifications (or have a developer who is), our latest API docs do contain some updated information on the fields included in webhook booking exports:
  • @AngelInn these two fine gents make a good point and this is something we have been solving. If you would like to chat more about this in detail please send me an email:

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