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I'm pretty new to checkfront (Less than 6 months). And I'm getting a few repeat customers and I'm already running into having duplicate customer records with slightly different info. Is there a way to merge customer records? If not can there be. And a way to update a customer record. Maybe there is and I'm just missing something.


  • Hi,

    Customer Profiles are generated by four key ids.  They are:  email / name / phone / postal code
    Currently the only way to merge customer records is for us to run a script to do so.

    Please submit a ticket to so that we can make this specific request for you. We may also review your account to see if there's any configuration issues that have impacted the creation of profiles.

    We're looking into ways to update customer records in feature releases.

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  • Isn't email address unique enough to be the only key id? This would solve the problem for all of us ı think?
  • Hi Tarki,

    Some clients have used no email address or a general email for their specific business needs.  While Customer Profiles was originally not meant to replace a traditional CRM the likes of Salesforce and Zoho we are getting more requests for added features in this area.  

    A common request submitted to us is the ability to edit the original record submitted to a Customer Profile. Other clients are requesting adding information/fields be added in this area. I'd like to use this forum thread for others to chime in.


    Chris - Checkfront Support Team
  • This would benefit us also. We have repeat customers and multiple customer ids for the same person. We sometimes have to edit customers info while making a booking. When a customer comes back to rent again that info is not saved in their profile and we have to redo it again. Seems like it only edits that particular booking, not customers id.
    It'd be great if there was a way to add/edit our customers info once and for all.

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  • We too need to be able to edit customer info. If you mistype one thing you only have the ability to edit in an invoice, but not universally. I vote for this feature as well.

  • Thanks for your input Ugy and Jocelyn,

    Correct we've seen a number of requests for the ability to edit the 'Master Record' of the customer, as this is potentially important for repeated bookings by the same customer.

    Currently due to the limitation, our support team strongly recommends that if you are creating internal bookings for new customers, to do so with as much complete information as possible from the onset.


    Chris - Checkfront Support Team
  • Hi,

    My client has come back to me and expressed a desire to do better customer management. Basically they want to be able to keep a record of their existing ones, email them with offers etc. I've looked and there doesn't seem to be a way to add new customers either manually or via an import.

    So, if Checkfront isn't really set up for this kind of thing, would ZoHo be a better choice? Can you create customers in ZoHo and pull them into Checkfront?

    Or should I just forget checkfront for customer management (which seems a shame) and use ZoHo and/or roll my own database on the clients site?

    I know this isn't strictly what you asked for in this thread but I'm just trying to get an idea of the best way to do this within Checkfronts current capabilities and Add-On connections.

  • IanIan Checkfront
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    Hi Paul

    I would recommend using our Zoho add-on to achieve the level of customer management that you are looking for.

    Checkfront has focused on providing a great online booking solution for businesses but we also realize that we cannot provide all of the needs of all of our customers. This is where our list of add-on integrations help fill those gaps. Zoho is designed to provide you with a great customer management solution in the same manner that we strive to provide a great online booking system. Our Xero add-on provides the ability to integrate with their online accounting service.

    With the Zoho add-on all of your Checkfront customers would be imported into your Zoho account for customer management but there is no system in place to import your already existing Zoho customers into Checkfront. The importing of customers is one-way only from Checkfront to your Zoho account.

    One other add-on to keep in mind is our MailChimp add-on which allows you to market email promotions to your customers as well as track marketing campaigns. MailChimp is a free add-on available to all Checkfront plans.

  • Has anyone had any luck segmenting their database further than just the basics from Checkfront into Zoho?

    Like by gender, location - type of item category or anything similar?

    Keen to segment but finding it limiting. Open to other CRM integrations if anyone else is having success?

  • We would also like to see the ability to edit the customer master records. We have repeat customers (club members) who may change contact details from time to time. Also, as all bookings are made by admin, it would be very useful to be able to select the customer from a drop down smart search once data is being keyed in to the name field of a booking. (As seen in Xero for example).

  • Hi, has there been any progress on this? This thread is a year old. I need to be able to merge customers when the same one is listed more than once. It makes things hard to track.

  • Hi, I might recommend going through the checkfront API to facilitate different customer management options. There are many options here, so I'd be happy to discuss this with you further for individual custom solutions. 


    note: not affiliated with Checkfront

  • It would be great if there was a column for a checkbox selection where I could check all the duplicate customers and merge into one Customer ID for tracking. Just in case someone makes a typo during booking or leaves out a piece of information etc. The list also seems to scroll  further than it should, there are duplicates of unique customer IDs and  this weird "no records" overlay.

  • This would be great! I really need this feature.
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