Should special percentage discounts not also affect special item prices?

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This is sort of a feature request, but it seems like the forum is a good place for others to chime in, since people use the system in very different ways, and some may not want special item amounts to be affected by special percentage amounts.

Lets say I have a 10% discount for 4 or more nights at my guesthouse.
And that I also have a special price for certain dates that are then adjustable per item.

I can now advertise "4 or more nights, 10% discount!".

If someone is reserving 4 or more nights, and it happens to span the days that have special item price, shouldn't they still get the special % discount?

I just found out today, that the special price stays the same, while only base price nights are discounted once 4 or more nights are being reserved. 

Example: Bob books 4 nights. 2 of those nights are a regular base price of $100, while 2 of those nights are at the special $150. price.
But he booked 4 nights, so the percentage discount should be: $450, but the way the system is currently, it will show as: $480.

Are there circumstances where a special percentage should not affect special item prices?
It seems that percentage discounts should always come last in accounting, but I could be wrong.

Also, I understand that "Special events override Seasonal", but my item price is special, and my percentage discount is also special.

As usual, thanks for all your hard work, there is no system like checkfront.
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