Will Checkfront meet my requirements?

I want to be able to setup events, that are available from 30 minutes to X hours, and 1 day to 5 days. These events are available only on specific dates, so when someone books for this event I don't want them to have the ability to choose the date, I want these dates to be preset. For example I can register for an event that's available in July, but because I booked today Checkfront puts the registration for this user on today's date, not the date the event is happening........I've tried using the unavailable option under inventory and then setting up a custom rate, but then the event isn't even displayed until the dates set on the custom rate are met...

Basically I want to be able to setup a master calendar with events on specific dates, with a specific occupancy allowed and allow users to decide which event they want to register for. Then have Checkfront schedule their user registration on that day in my Checkfront calendar, not the day they registered on my website.

Is this possible with Checkfront?
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