v1 interface and API removed in Checkfront 2.9

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Hi All,

As announced several times over the last year, we have retired our v1 interface and API.  Although v1 has been unsupported for some time now, it has been completely removed from our upcoming v2.9 release.

If your booking page looks something like this you are on our v2 interface.  If it looks something like this you are still on v1.

If you are using a Checkfront plugin on your website, please make sure it's up to date.  You can find download links and instructions in our add-on section.  If you need help updating your website / plugin please contact support@checkfront.com and we'll be happy to help.



  • I am not sure what this is saying, we are using v2 interface but the calendar widget is not working in it and my client is very unhappy about this as that was one of the features they specifically wanted. Please advise as to how we fix the issue. The site is shepardstatepark.com, you will see the widget on the home page. 
    Thank you very much!

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