Adding new fields to Staff Booking Form.... and disappear


I'm trying to add new fields to the "Staff" view of my Booking Form. 

I follow the followings steps to achieve this : 
- Manage >> Layout >> Booking form
- Switch to the "Staff" booking view
- Click on "New Field"
- Define : type, label, id, value and permissions for this item (just check "Show on form" for "Staff"). 
- and Click on "Add"

I can not see a "Save" button but this operation seems to be saved cause i can see "Updated" on the top of the edited booking form. 

Instead of this process, i can not find this added field on checkfront production environnement, and the new added field has just disappear when i come back in the editing menu :/

Someone has already seen this type of issue ? 
Thanks in advance for your help. 




  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Please make sure the ID is alphanumeric and contains no extra characters.  If that doesn't help, let us know what kind of field you are trying to add (select, radio etc).
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