When specific item is booked, whole category is sold out?

Is it possible to make a whole category "sold out" when a specific item is booked. And possible to make the specific item "sold out" when one of the other rooms in the category is "sold out".
We have a house that is rented out per room. It is also possible to rent the whole house. To rent the whole house of course there cannot be any rooms booked on the dates that someone wants to rent the whole house. 
Also when the whole house is booked then it should not be possible to rent any rooms.
If I setup the rooms separately in a category and also add the whole house in this category, is it possible to get the whole category to be "sold out" when ever the whole house is booked and also when a room is booked, is it possible to get the "whole house" to be sold out?
Or is there some other way this can be done?
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