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Greetings, I'm currently evaluating Checkfront. Overall it is leaps and bounds above everything else and so far I'm very happy.

I had some issues with rules, their behaviour is a bit funky and multiple rules don't seem to work together too well. More docs required I think. Anyway, I have hacked my way around the issue.

My main issue now is the way it looks. The styling is classy and I like the way it inherits the theme's styling. But there are some elements which just look a right old mess and also don't make any sense in being there.

For example, the price next to quantity (span #cf-param-price_qty ) - the value makes no sense often depending on the rules you have. I'd much rather just not have it given that the price is so neatly displayed beneath it. I appreciate it's in an iframe so there is no way for me to remove it.. or is there? I am using the Wordpress plugin by the way.

Also the rate can become a bit of a dogs dinner:
Qty: 2 x 7 Days @ £6.50 (1-7 days) 2 x 2 Days @ £5.00 2 x 7 Days @ 3.50

You end up with this big unwieldy line of numbers and symbols that just looks plain messy and complicated. Again. I'm sure this is great for some people, but is there anyway to simplify my box and just not have this stuff? Even a css "display:none" would work for me if there was a way to target the thing.

Appreciate your help. I must stress that overall I am extremely happy with the look, feel, and functionality of the product. Please keep up the good work. Cheers, Tim.


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    You could remove the css element.  It's not generally recommended, but I can see how it can overwhelming if the price covers a lot of different events.

    Try adding this to your custom css:

    .cf-item-rate { display: none !important; }

    This is under Manage / Layout / Page / Css (in the sidebar).

  • @Jason - Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

    This works nicely. Sadly, it's not just that it's overwhelming, it's also that sometimes this price just isn't correct. despite the actual price (big number) being correct.

    Anyway, I'm one big step closer to continuing with the system now, many thanks.
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