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I'm trying to evaluate this for a client's wordpress site.  They offer one day culinary classes.   Can I create classes (Items) that have specific dates assigned to them then just list them all or list them all by month so their visitors can chose the type of class(es) they like from the list. The item has to be locked to a date.


  • IanIan Checkfront

    These types of culinary classes can be created as events within Checkfront. What you would do is create your classes and give it a descriptive title such "Italian Pasta course" which would be a all day event. You create the item in your inventory and set the availability to 'unavailable'. This is called a closed-inventory setup, items are created but not available for every day bookings.

    After you have your items created as unavailable and categorized respectively, you then create events for your items. An example of an event would be the Italian Pasta course available on Mondays of each week or Bread Baking on Thursdays. When you create the event you are controlling when you make the item available for bookings.

    With the culinary classes assigned to the categories you create you can then list on your booking page what category of culinary classes are available and the dates available for bookings.
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