SMS Notifications via Nexmo - Almost there, need help!

edited February 2013 in Developers
So the following works as tested in the real world with my cell phone:[MY NEXMO KEY]&api_secret=[MY NEXMO SECRET]&from=[MY PHONE #]&to=[CUSTOMERS PHONE # FIELD]&text=[CHECKFRONTS MESSAGE]

However, i do not know how to proceed further with this because i am not familiar with checkfront's simple API. Every time i do something like this:
https://[MY COMPANY]
i need a "access token". Regardless to say i got no idea where that is and how that is generated.

What i am hoping to accomplish (in the notifications-->API screen) is to get a customer's NUMBER field and maybe a MESSAGE by checkfront, and POST it to Nexmo's URL. This will be done automatically because they make a deposit of $5 when booking and then the invoice status should automatically change to paid 1 day before the booking and hence this event will automatically be fired.

I am really very close to this and i know its very simple, and gone as far as i can. Any help would be great!


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