Tax on discounts

I would like to know how to offer discounts with the correct tax.  I setup a 10.00 off discount so when someone enters the promo code then it takes 10.00 off.  However, the tax is applied to the before discount rate when it should be applied to the new rate.  Example:  Regular rate is $200 tax is 5% so the total would be $210.  Customer books using discount code for $20.00 off.  Invoice shows $200 plus $10 tax less $20 off for a total of $190.  It should be $200 less discount = $180 add tax $9.00.  Any suggestions?


  • I think you can do this by making the discount apply the dollar amount to each "item" and not each "Booking"
  • I tried that and it works, but if you apply it to each item and someone books 3 items then it gives the dollar amount discount to each item.   Though I guess if someone orders 3 items I should be thankful.
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