Google Analytics/Adwords integration?

Hi All:

I'm a new Checkfront user, and am having some troubles integrating with my Google Analytics account and Adwords account. I spend a lot of $ on Adwords, and I really need my booking system to integrate with it... specifically, tracking $ revenue and then being able to show me which source the visitor came from, so that I can correlate my spending with ROI. I should be able to set this up via cross-tracking.

I followed the instructions at to set up cross-tracking, to no avail. The revenue is showing in Analytics, but it's not showing sources - they all show up as 'direct', but it's highly unlikely that every single one of my customers is coming to me directly without a referral source. Checkfront support was unable to solve the issue.

FYI... Our site is built in Drupal so I installed the code as a block in the header.

I'd be forever grateful if anyone could help me solve this issue as it's a big one for me! Mike Brcic, CEO Sacred Rides


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    This may be related to a detailed post made by sporkmarketing for Google Analytics:

    There's a test update in the works that applies some of the changes outlined here, but there are still some outstanding issues that impact the tracking, and is only specific to Analytics.

    Look here for an update.  Alternatively you can use a custom thank you page and install whatever tracking you wish.

  • Hi Jason, 

    as far as I know, the custom thank you page won't work. Even with a thank you page, conversion code and goal tracking, it will be in a sub domain of the main site and will still probably show up as (direct/none).

    If I can't solve this soon I'm going to have to look for another booking system. This is a crucial feature, and it's one of the reasons I signed up for Checkfront - your documentation led me to believe that Checkfront integrated well with Google Analytics and I wouldn't have the same problem I had with my previous booking system.

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