Need rule to auto apply

I have a requirement to apply a discount of 10% to any booking of 3 days or more. I've created a rule called "multiday" which is set to a minimum of 3 days. I've also set a discount of 10% on the entire booking, and used the rule "multiday".

When I manually enter the discount id (in this case "ExtendedStay", the 10% discount calculates.

HOWEVER, I would like to do this automatically. Is this possible?

And to further complicate matters, the requirement EXCLUDES the discount on holiday stays. I'm sure that can't be done - perhaps a feature request?


  • Hi,

    By not naming a discount code (so leaving that line blank), provided someone books according to the rules set, the discount of 10% is applied automatically.

    For this to not be applied on holiday stays, make sure the discount dates you create don't fall on any holiday stays. So you made need to make a series of discount day ranges.

    Support Team
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