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We get a lot of couple and group bookings for our trips, and we require a lot of information from our customers in advance of their trip (MTB skill rating, fitness rating, allergies, medical, diet, etc...). All of which is on the booking form, however this presents a problem when we get multi-person bookings. We currently have the booking form set up so that we've added additional fields for a 2nd person, but this presents a problem because a) it's a lot of unnecessary fields if someone is booking on their own and b) it doesn't work if we have more than 2 people on a booking (e.g. if we get 6 people on a booking)

It would be great if the system could generate multiple copies of the booking form for each person on the booking. That way, if it was just a 1-person booking, there would be only one set of questions, but if 2 or 4 people were on the booking then there would be 2 and 4 sets of booking forms respectively, 1 for each person.

Also, it would be super helpful to be able to customize booking forms based on individual items, so that we could ask questions that are specific to that trip. For instance, we have a surf and singletrack trip, and it would be great to ask customers if they have any surf experience. But this is just one of 23 trips, so we don't want to put that on the booking form since it's irrelevant to people booking one of our other 22 trips.

Mike Brcic, Sacred Rides


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Thanks Mike. This is not an uncommon request. We are looking at the best way to deal with this in the back-end.

    We'll be putting some focus on these areas in the coming months. When I have more information and or a beta, I'll share it here.

  • awesome, thanks Jason!
  • Add me to this feature as well. 
  • Hello

    I wrote the text below already as a feature request, but Chris from the support pointed me to this request. Would be great if could implement this also in one of your future releases.




    We are selling tours and like to sell them soon in different cities (categories). So what we would really need for the (near) future would be a customizable email notifications for staff accounts related on the categories.

    Two examples:

    Case 1:
    customer booked Tour 1/Category 1 >> automatic customized email notification >> Staff account 1

    Case 2:
    customer booked Tour 1/Category 2 >> automatic customized email notification >> Staff account 2
    We think this feature could in general also help for a lot of other checkfront configurations.

    Thanks and keep up with improving Checkfront! It is getting better and better...
  • Hi All, 

    Jason - have there been any updates following Sacred Ride's inquiry in January?  We have the exact same issue and have to use separate web-based forms to collect all of the information that we need for each person participating.
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    Please. Please. Please.  We are a summer camp and we use checkfront for our guest groups that rent our facilities.  We would love to use checkfront for our campers that come for a week of camp.  But each age group has different questions that they have to answer.  An events or a registration page would be great
  • +1 for this request as well. We sell courses and camps and have different questions to ask each group. Thanks.
  • +1, need to show different or customized booking field on the basis of the category of the booked item
  • +1, we require custom bookings forms for each category. Any update as to when this feature might be added?
  • +1, currently evaluating checkfront and very happy with almost everything in this app, this is the one missing feature that could prevent me from choosing checkfront. 
    I own a travel agency and sell all type of activities which requires me to collect very different type of information from my clients. I need a "default form" and specific forms that i can attach to different items. Please make it happen and i sign up immediately!! 
  • Would desperately like this feature. So many other tour operator SaaS options have it. Checkfront has so much more than everyone else just not this. A real pain.
  • Also evaluating checkpoint and would signup right away if customized booking forms were available. This is a must for all vendors that have variious products and need to get specific info.
    Jason, you responded back in January that you were working on this feature, any time frame so I can decide to signup or use one of your competitors?
  • I asked them by email and they told me it wouldn't be implemented in the next 6 months...
  • That are very bad news! I'm already very disappointed that with release 2.9 they didn't implement so many features like they announced before. It seems that they have only a focus on implementing new payment gateways - maybe the commission rates from this new partners are better then to improve the product itself. They are still so many bugs in this booking system and urgent needed improvements for everyone. "Customized booking forms" is one of them - multiple currency support would be also very appreciated by many here. But another (minimum) 6 month waiting on this? ... >> @Checkfront: MORE focus on developing the booking system further!       
  • +1 for customized email notification based on items. This is really critical and should be added in checkfront's features.
  • Hello Guys! I was just wondering if there are any updates to this feature request? I am doing multiple bookings for different tour operators and the need to notify each customer of specific info pertaining to the particular tour that they book is definitely a significant need.

  • +1 would love to see this!
  • Yes good idea!  Custom fields per item, rather than per booking would help.

  • Yes, still wondering if this is going to be a feature or not.

  • +1 pretty please with sugar on top! It is a premium feature that is urgently needed!

  • +1 any update on this?
  • I have been following this with interest and have developed a plan to get the extra information that a customized form would offer. That is to use the Custom Receipt URL available under the Ecommerce section to send a customer to a page where based on the following, already passed information, it would be possible to present different forms, using simple html rather than having to query the CF database, for completion before exiting their booking.

    {$BOOKING_ID} Booking ID (eg UHXE-492058).
    {$BOOKING_SKU} A comma separated list of items skus and order quantities in the booking (e.g: item1:3,item2:1).
    {$BOOKING_DATE} Start date of the booking

    My problem is that I do not want to present the same form for Deposit status as I do for Paid. I can only imagine that to add {$BOOKING_STATUS} to the list of passed variables would not be contravening the non-passing of personal information requirement and would not be a big change to introduce to the CF code.

    With the continued interest in this feature and the regular 'no schedule for inclusion' statements, would it be possible to add {$BOOKING_STATUS} as a passed variable for me?
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    Sure, we can look into adding more custom receipt variables in a future release. I'm sure there are a few other fields that might be useful to include as well, although as it's passed in the URL there are some limitations to what's possible.

    The original request for alternative booking form behaviour is something we're investigating for a big update down the line, but something that's included in the 3.3 release coming up soon is a feature to add "extra details" to an item that can be displayed in notifications and only seen after the booking to be created -- which allows details specific to an item (such as things like directions or entry codes) to be emailed to a customer. This should prove useful for at least a few of the cases people are looking to cover here.
  • Cool! Looking forward to 3.3.
  • Hi. This is something we would like as well. We currently use a webform that uses socalled conditional fields that only appear if a certain value is entered in another field. Example: if the client enters a number > 0 for children a new field appears asking for extra details (special seats, children's bikes etc).
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