To have the possibility for a customer to select the languages of there choice, would be a very good feature. Here in quebec 60% of my customers are francophone but the other 40% does't speak a word of french!!! I need both languages.
thank's for taking that in consideration.


  • I would really appreciate this feature as well!
  • dont hold your breath. this has been requested for almost 2 years and check front do not seem to think that this is important.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    edited March 2013
    It's currently not on our development roadmap for the next 12 months.   There is still a significant amount of work in our unilingual implementation that needs to be addressed before we look at mixing multiple languages in a single account.

  • But for your hosted booking page, isnt it just a few things that needs to be translated?

    I seem to remember when we signed up in 2011, that you were talking about that multi language was something that you would be looking at soon. Any idea when it would added?
  • Just as an FYI,

    Translations are now possible to be successfully updated if you have access to the language add-on and if there's a language file in place.  I realize this is not the same as multi-language.  But specific to Danish, if a language file become available for you, would you be looking at using this language option?

    Feel free to send us a ticket into support to discuss this.

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Would this be available in the front end, so the clients can see it? 
    I need to set it up in English, German and Danish. All three languages are equally important.
    I am using your hosted booking page.
  • Hi Chirs you have mention that Translations are now possible to be successfully updated. But I still got blank data , when I load in every different languages.Is that only happen on my account or it's an global problem? thank you.
    Also if there is not and Traditional Chinese Language pack, I would like to contribute one.

    thank you
  • Hi Viktor,

    See if you can go to manage/extend/lang/edit/?lang_id=zh

    Instead of Show: All select the down arrow button and select "Un-translated"

    You should see about 100 words that require translation.  If that's still not working for you, send us a ticket in support to verify in your account.

  • Thanks Chris.The grid view still shows nothing.
    I'll send a email to

  • Thanks Viktor,

    We initialized this on your part of the network.

    If is anyone else hoping to contribute to our current language system, please submit a ticket to us. We will try to accommodate as best we can.  

    Our support team will continue to report to development if there's a limitation.


    Checkfront Support Team
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