Thank you for the mobile styling!

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I was very happy to find out tonight that I can now reserve from my site with a mobile device via the droplet with ease!

Well done, I no longer have anything to complain about! :-)

Happy new year, & thanks to each and every one of you for all of the amazing developments!


  • Although the smiley emoticon for this forum looks somewhat psychotic...
  • The bottom margin to the droplet seems to be removed as well!
  • Ok, last and final complaint: terms are not scroll-able in dolphin on Android.

    I think the checkbox for the terms, and security seals should be on top of the terms, and then the terms text can just extend down to the bottom of the page, without the necessity of scrolling within the page in a mobile browser.
  • The improvements to the mobile browsing experience are very impressive.

    Thanks again for the styling for mobile!
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Thanks! Glad you like it. We'll continue to tweak it. I think we'll move the terms of service to a link that opens up in a new window as it interrupts scrolling on iOS and Android.

  • Well, I do actually want people to read, or at least skim our terms.

    I still think that giving the user the option to hit continue at the top of the terms, or scrolling the page itself to read terms is the best option, instead of making a mobile browser open a new page (which almost nobody does, especially if they have to leave the page).

    Unless of course the choice between scrolling terms, or a new link for terms was an option in the control panel.

    I am sure that many vendors have attorneys writing legalese that is too small to read, and barely comprehensible, and after all, who cares, right?

    We have just the opposite, we try to make the terms as legible, readable/ skim-able as possible.
    If they have already stayed with us, then they can just hit the continue button instead of scrolling down before they check out.
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