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Hello - we are looking at adding support for multiple currencies in a single account. Right now this is more for our own requirements, but we are interested if other accounts may have a simular request.

If so, do you invision the ability to set base currency rates within the pricing of an item, or a more simple approach of setting the currency per item?

Any feedback welcome.


  • Hi Jason,
    We would be very interested in having the ability to set a base currency rate that we can update as exchange rates change. Having the amount in the original currency, exchange rate and amount in the second currency displayed as part of the total in the receipt would be ideal.
  • Hi Jason!
    Although we always want to take payment in our base currency, it would be fantastic to give customers the opportunity to view prices in their own currency.  It might be possible to use the live exchange rates from google finance api or similar?

    So the prices are still set per item in the base currency, but the user has the option to "View prices in your own currency" and dynamically change the prices displayed.

    David Arnesen
  • Very interested in this.
    I am not sure what you are asking, but we would like to be able to display the price in different currencies, where we add the price for each item in each currency manually.
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    Also want to take payment in our base currency, but customers always ask us what it cost in their currency.  If they pay by credit card, the bank deduct in their own currency anyway (even if it's charged at our local base currency).

    There are some great WP plugins to give the opportunity to view currency values to readers in their local currency - maybe this is a good idea too for a more automatic setup. 

    But manually adding major currency prices can also work.
  • I think it would be great idea to be able to show rates in both local currency and a generic base currency (considering the fact that most local currencies are not actually traded).

    For example, I would like to display prices in West African Franc (BEAC), set a conversion rate and accept payments in USD or Euros, etc.

  • That would be great. We have products (tours) in EUR and DKK (Denmark) - at the moment we have the prices only in EURO, but of course it makes no sense to show a EUR price but finally the customer has to pay in DKK.

    So this would be a great step forward for us, especially when we need more different currencies soon.

  • that sounds very interesting. We would like the possibility to change the currency on the invoice as well. 
  • it has been a couple of years now. Is this being implemented soon?

  • Hi,

    We asked this question 14 months ago to collect some feedback on this feature although there no updates regarding multi-currency at this time.

    We'd still like to continue to collect feedback from our customers though for consideration in a possible future release.



    Checkfront Support Team

  • Hi Chris and Jason,

    Support for multiple currencies would definitely be of interest to us. We operate Canadian and international (Bahamas and Chile) tours, and would love to be able to set pricing in CAD for Canadian tours and USD for international tours. I think it would be "simple" for us, no updated exchange rates needed, just need to show the currency that the tour is being charged in and then actually have the payment collected in that currency.


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    For my site it would be ideal if the visitor can somehow choice his currency in the payment. 

    We are a Europe Based company. At the moment we offer our services in USD. So when a European person pays in USD he will lose money in the conversion, and we will also lose money in converting it back to euros later. So I the visitor could choose to do the payment in Euros instead of Dollars that would be great.

    If there is a feature in development for this, or maybe a current work around, I would like to hear about this.



  • Multi currency would be a great feature
  • I need this
  • Yes please! After evaluating several platforms, I am about to make a decision in favor of Checkfront. However, I regret the lack of multi-currency support. I have a complex pricebook, and the bulk of my costs are in local currency, so I can't realistically maintain base pricing in anything else. On the other hand, I want my customers to view prices and pay in any major currency of their choosing.

    I have this functionality in my online store using the J2Store extension for Joomla. This extension periodically downloads exchange rates, and in my web site customers can currency-surf. The web-site also defaults to US dollars, as most peope have some sense of the conversion rate from USD.

    Within 1 year I plan to spin off the bookings/promotion part of my business and incorporate in Hong Kong where I understand bank accounts are typically multi-currency. At that point I would like to be able to process refunds in original currency to reduce exchange costs.
  • IanIan Checkfront
    Hi AmazingStuart

    As you are aware the development team is looking into implementing this and this is something that we may see in a future software release. Although we cannot give a time frame as to when we can expect to see this feature released I would recommend that view our updates page as
  • Multiple currency/currency switcher. YES PLEASE!
  • Any news about this?
  • That would be really great, need it so much!
  • Yep, another vote for this!
  • +1. That would be very useful! Thanks.
  • We need this also. Here in Central America, the banks give you a 1 card for local and 1 for US currency. Most businesses already allow their clients to have their invoice in either currency.
  • Totally needed 
  • +1 for multiple currency !!
  • Any news about this?
  • Hi everyone,

    We do hear you all. Multi-currency support is one of our most requested features, but it's also one that would require a large overhaul behind the scenes to implement. A feature like multi-languages was more surface level, while pricing is more deeply integrated throughout the system.

    Our developers have been hard at work with something new and exciting that you should all hear about in the coming months. Multi-currency is not on the short-term roadmap right now, but one that our product team re-evaluates often due to its popular demand. I wish I could provide more insights as to a timeline or true likelihood that this feature will be implemented in coming years, but that's not information we're able to share at this time.

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Is there an ETA for this?
  • Hi everyone,

    We currently do not have an ETA, nor can we speculate on one that we are able to share.

    All we can ask is that keep updated on our Updates page for further releases ->

    Checkfront Support Team
  • It has only been almost 6 years since you said you were looking into this and lots of responses.  So what's up? Why did you bother to ask if we needed it to only ignore it?
  • Our developers have been hard at work with something new and exciting that you should all hear about in the coming months.

    Could that be a major Checkfront update? Nope! Look to me like Mitch admitted that Checkfront abandoned development in favor of Site Builder. It's pretty amazing that after 6 years one of their most popular requested features is not even being considered in the road map.
  • I was super excited to see this thread. I thought, Multi-Currency would be a fantastic feature that would really be helpful. Now I see this is an old message and it's been abandoned. What a pity. Please put it back on the roadmap - and yes having a base currency and then setting the exchange rate for the local currency would be perfect (with a configurable rounding, so you can have $100 = RWF 86,000 not RWF 86,352). It can't be that hard. 

  • We live in a 2 currency country.  We are only able to produce invoices in 1 and only 1 currency.  So we have to manually calculate the exchange rate and then charge clients in the other currency when asked.  Then we have to hand write the exchange note on our invoice.  Our accountant is continually making adjustments to our invoices because of this and it is another area where it is easy to make mistakes. Outside of North America, 80% of the world lives in a 2 (or more) currency economy.  This should have been delivered when Checkfront was first sold outside of Canada.
  • Why is one of your "most requested features" been ignored for nearly 6 years?
  • Laura_CheckfrontLaura_Checkfront Checkfront
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    Hi everyone! I hear you - I understand multi-currency is an area of interest, and also a pain point for many in this thread. You’ve heard from our Product team that we’re heads down and hard at work releasing awesome new features like Guest Forms. Parameter driven form fields were part of the Guest Forms release, which is another feature that's been heavily requested by our customers. Releases like these pave the way for even more exciting releases in the months to come. Your feedback is very important to us, though I can empathize that it’s frustrating when we haven't implemented the features that you’re hoping for just yet. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns - our Product and Development teams have been looped in.

    Technical Support Manager, Checkfront
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hi Maggisam, 

    Our latest release of Guest Forms satisfies the needs within the much requested parameter driven form fields: 

    Guest Form add-on is an extension of your Booking Form and enables you, as a business, to collect the names and email addresses of all guests on a booking, not just the person who made it. This is great for maintaining customer records and updating your manifests and itineraries" (read more here). 

    This has been a repeated request both directly to our support team and within the forum. We're happy to be able to release this feature while we continue our progress on Resource Management.

    Specific to this thread, I will mention that the Multi Currency feature is not a part of immediate road map plans, although it continues to be on our radar. While this feature  may not be prioritized yet, your continued comments to vote this up are still important, and I encourage everyone to keep providing their business cases for it. 

    Going forward, if you are interested in being a part of our feedback and beta testing, and you if you haven't already, please submit your request for Resource Management Beta User to our support team.

    Please note: space for user testing is limited, not all customers who request access will be able to participate.

    Product Manager   

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    Ravenna...Sorry but without a RoadMap and a proper list of improvements that you are considering so that we could spend some quality time helping you come up with a reasonable priority list that is actually customer driven, up voting anything is a waste of our time. We will all just keep trying to be the squeakiest wheel.
  • Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for your continued engagement in our community forums! We hear your requests, and we’ve been hard at work improving our platform, so that we can continue to provide maximum value to you and your business.  

    I’d like to take a moment and introduce Currency Display! Currency Display allows your guests to view the cost of the booking in their currency while transactions will continue to be paid in your company’s official currency. This means you don’t have to make any changes to your reporting or accounting, and you’ll always get paid what you expect.

    For more information on Currency Display, please check out our blog post: Convert More Travelers with Currency Display. You can start using Currency Display in your accounts today by following the steps listed in our Knowledge Base here: Currency Display: Setup

    If you have any questions, please chime in on this post, or send our Technical Support team an email at


    Technical Support Specialist

  • A step forward.  How do I print the invoice in the clients currency? Living in a multiple currency environment means emailing, reporting, printing and accepting payments in the clients currency. We need to give a copy of the "paid" invoice in the currency they paid.
  • Thank you for adding this  :)
    This is however not working on Mobile view???
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    Hey there! Hello all I'm new here! !
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