Get booking info using API

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Hi guys,

I need to extract customer info and the booking information (ie item number, start-date, end-date) related to that customer id to use in a custom backend. I've had a look at the API but can't see if this is possible or not. I just want to know before I spend a load of time on this is what I'm trying to do possible using the API or do I need to do it manually?



  • Aloha, as time goes on more code will be available. I actually played with this several months ago and have some code updated that worked for me here. I forked it from the Checkfront github account. I don't have the data pulling exactly as you would like but it is able to query the API. Have a go... hope this helps.
  • cheers mate, I'll have a look and let you know how I get on...much appreciated!!
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