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Some taxes we charge in the UK (VAT) when advertised or quoted to customers are included, is there any way to have the price which includes the relevant tax to be displayed or included all the time to the customer? otherwise on checkout they get a shock when they see the price goes up!


  • Oh, hang on, is this what the 'compound Tax' option is for?
  • Hi

    The tax cannot be included in the item as yet.

    What you would need to do is to calculate the price of your items with the tax. I would also suggest renaming the item to include "Inc. VAT"

    The compound tax is a special tax calculation, it is also sometimes called "tax upon tax", for example:

    Item A costs US$ 100, a regular tax of 10% would be US$ 10. A compounded tax of 10% can then be applied to the regular tax, which calculates to US$ 1. This means that the final item would cost US$ 111.
  • Ok, thanks for the tip, where this is a problem though is with invoices that are created in Xero they will not show the tax. Is it on your list things to do?
  • We have the same issue.  We supply a price for our product £37 which includes the VAT.  If I show the product with VAT in Checkfront in naturally displays the net value 30.08 so when the customer books they see this lower Figure then when they progress the booking the sums all add up to the correct amount with VAT.

    I wouldn't be an issue if VAT were not shown in/on Checkfront, but when I look in Xero no VAT is accounted for - not even if I set up a rule to add VAT on to the invoice.

    Please help.
  • any update on this?
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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for requesting an update.  At this time no, but we are aware of this ongoing request and currently looking a possible solution.

    Please continue to stay updated.  We provide updates of this nature here: as well as within the discussion.


    Checkfront Support Team
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