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I need help with setting up courses that only run on certain dates. Im sure its simple but all i can find is ways to allow people to go through to book on certain dates not to select the course on a prefered date on the calendar. i.e. we have a course on the 26th of october 2013 which runs for 8 days that we would like to use the site to manage bookings for.

Thanks Simon


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    What you would need to do is to create a date based item.

    1.) Create an event, mark it as available , choose the recurrence as "once" and choose the date.
    2.) Link this event to the item or items that you wish to be "available" for that date, by applying it to your items.
    3.) Mark that item or items, as unavailable.

    This will create a scenario, where your clients can only book the specific item in the time frame or date of that particular event.
  • looks like it worked so thanks for that. I called the event and the item the same, does that automatically link them as i am not sure i linked the item and event but it still worked. If not how do you link the item and event.
  • Hi

    The item and the event are not linked automatically.

    What you have to bare in mind is that the event is the control structure. It can also be thought of as a season i.e. high vs. the low season. It effectively links the item to the rule, creating an optional new price. For example : high season US$ 250 per night, low season US$ 230 per night.

    In the event setup, you will find a "apply to" check-box. This can be used to apply only certain items to that event and the corresponding rule.

  • Thanks thats great. im getting there now!
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