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hi all,

i tried the newest version of the PHP sdk on github and come into a problem,
the index.php seems work fine,
i could select my rooms by dates and get SLIP codes to generate cart_id,
but when it turned to create.php page,
there is an error happened,
it shows i couldn't fetch any fields, like this:
ERROR: Cannot fetch fields.
are there still some things i need to modify the code?

also, the debuger always shows that some property like client_ip, expire_drift are undefined,
do they have to define at first?


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront

    Can you please e-mail along with your company id.  That way we can test the same API call on your account.


  • thanks for your reply,
    i already sent the mail this moring.
  • Hi Guys,
    was this solved?
  • yep,
    i finally found out that i must return $response['booking_form_ui'] when getting booking/form, then will get the array i need.
    but there are still some problems: if i set a default value in form fields, the value cannot change while i use the api to change it; and the other is that i cant add any note while using the api.
  • Hi Ayung,
    Actually i discovered that a short while after posting on here.
    I'll try adding a note and report back
    Thanks for the reply.
  • Hi

    Was there a solution to this ? cause I get ERROR: Cannot fetch fields. when click on "Book now" from the sample code..
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