Wordpress Short Codes - How many short codes /items can be placed on the same page + Room Type/Rate

Hi All,

I'm currently evaluating Check Front - and it's great, though i find few things that prevent me to set it up and customize it as we intend.

I'm trying to offer few different kind of room types, I understand that it's not possible to achieve that currently with CF and the work around will be to use packages, this is not user friendly as only after clicking the booking button the user will be able to see the extra options as for room types made with packages.

So, the other thought will to create each room type as an individual item with different rate, well cool isn't it? NO, as if i got 50 hotels and each one got around 5 room types we want to offer, inventory is growing to 250 from 50 items and its becoming not comfortable to maintain, but well just the sake if going getting going we will do that, no problem!

Now, that we want to display 3 rooms types/items on the same product page using the shortcode i find that it's not possible??? so is it possible or not to display several items using the short code on the same page?

2nd, i can't figure out how to assign the same item to multiple categories, well why i will want to do that? simply because:

1. CF not supporting different room types / rate
2. Displaying multiple items with shortcodes on the same page is not working

So the workaround i thought will be to assign those extra room types to another category , then in the short code pull the other  category and the short code will then display a list of the rooms that assigned to that specific category.. sound logic isn't  it?

The problem, I can't assign the same item to multiple categories or I'm missing something?

If I can't do it that means that i will have to group the different room types in another new categories that I will specify, so I will end with another 50 categories.

So maybe support in CF for sub categories will help here, or assign multiple items to a category, or just fix the short code so it will be able to list multiple items, I also tried something like [checkfront category_id=3 item_id=98 item_id=99 item_id=100 ], or [checkfront category_id=3 item_id=98, item_id=99, item_id=100 ]    and it didn't work.

why not to try and extend the shortode functionality  to something that will output a list of items ID or SKU like  [checkfront category_id=3 "LIST" item_id=98,  item_id=99, item_id=100 ]  .

Please advice If you got any solutions or work arounds regarding this matter.

Honestly, I love Checkfront and we're really ready to go and want to use it, but those problems we're experiencing at the moment make it really hard for us with the setup and i don't know how to overcome this, so i hope yo can help.

P.S. you might think or say that CF is not really meant to be used that way for hotels or travel agents, but for us it will work well and provide good solution

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