Wordpress Shortcode and Categories

I have just signed up for the trial, just experimenting to see if Checkfront will do the job we are looking for.

I have 4 test items, and 3 test categories.

Using the Wordpress plugin, I select item 3 in the plugin configuration using [checkfront item_id=3], which is in category 3. When I view the page with the shortcode it is on category 1, saying "Nothing available for the date selected" How do I get it to either:
a. Select the correct Category
b. Hide the categories not required

Thank you


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    This is a account specific issue.

    I suggest contacting support@checkfront.com as they have the ability to see if any misconfiguration is causing this behavior.

  • I thought it might be something like that, as I seem to think it was doing that to start with. Will try contacting directly. Didn't want to do that as I have yet to sign up!
  • @Balefire

    I don't think this is account specific issue, otherwise I'm on the same boat as yours, I've been fiddling around with it for quite a while and realized that using the item ID will get you ONLY the item ID, as well selecting the category ID will return ONLY the Category idea, well, no brainer that the short code is not looking at the category that the item is stored in.. so, let's play dummies with it.. simply try using BOTH as follows 
    [checkfront category_id=3  item_id=3 ] 

    Hope it helps, i did the trick for me!

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    Also forgot to mention here as well that I'm also looking for a way to HIDE(pls) the categories not required

    AND - what exactly the COMPACT Mode do???? I've not seen any changes even after a dozen refreshes and saves, 

    Also, how to hide the calendar and the search?? sorry but all this questions and unnecessary speculations leading to us to just spend time in the system and being caught in a loop. 

    I was also thinking like @Balefire that something is wrong with my account after an hour, and as Daniel suggested that it's misconfiguration, i will suggest that it's simply miss documentation, come on.. it will make everyones life easier here.. 

  • There is definitely an error with Checkfront on this as the version 1.0 works fine when you reduce the number of categories.

    I have tried all configurations with no luck at all - THIS IS A CHECKFRONT ISSUE not "account specific issue"

    Checkfront - please fix this bug as its a real pain and I'm sure loads of users have the same issues.
  • Also the Droplet doesn't work either!
  • I have now noticed the version 2 is working now the Wordpress Plugin has been updated.

    Still more bugs though.  When you configure the text colour is stays the same as the background in some cases!
  • I'm building out a Hotel Reservation system with CheckFront and using the WP shortcode.

    The 2.0 option looks OK but lacks any kind of customizations - how do I remove the calendar? The modal window does not center correctly in the browser window, either.

    The 1.0 version is styled better but is missing a Room CheckOut date and the Room images are all broken.

    Checkfront - are you working on these issues? Thanks in advance, Tom.


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