I think is imperative that the customer can choise the language, in my case, i need that for a hotel in Spain, and i cant use it without languages. if hope you put this option. Thanks a lot


  • I would love to see the ability to mixing language packs as well!! I know it's in the works is there an ETA. Or a way that you could "share" inventory between two different accounts example if you have one in English and the other in Spanish.
  • I remember there was some talk about this in the forum a long time ago. I have been waiting more than a year for this, so I really hope there is going to be some news about this soon. 
    I actually choose checkfront because they said that they were working on this.
    dont know if we have to wait another year.
  • but checkfront just ignores this I guess. 
  • Hi hifidunn,

    FYI: Response direct from our development team can be found here:

    Thanks for your input.

    Checkfront Support Team
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