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Aloha Developers,
I have recently found Checkfront and I am quite excited to start using it as a turn key reservation solution. I am also looking to build other modules that will use the Checkfront API to integrate with various websites to allow visitors the best experience when booking an accommodation. This is kind of an open request if other developers are interested in sharing API code / scripts I would love to contribute. I have a repo setup to can fork from or contribute to. I am also @gegere on twitter if you would like to chat about ideas.



  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront

    Thanks for your interest.  Most of Checkfront including our mobile apps are built using our own API.  It's extensive and can accomplish almost any task that is available in the platform.  You can create and edit new bookings, query pricing, add customers and trigger notifications.

    With that said, our current API docs and sample code only cover a very small portion of the functionality available.  We are in the process of updating these, but it's likely a month or two out before they are where they should be.

    If you get stuck anywhere, feel free to ask your questions here or directly at

    Thanks for your efforts on the updated SDK!

  • API connection script as for your API example 


    $Checkfront = new Checkfront(



    'consumer_key'  => 'yyz',  

    'consumer_secret' => 'xyz',  


    'refresh_token' => xyz',  

    'access_token' => 'xyz',



    if($data = $data =$Checkfront->get('item',array('category_id'=>'6')) ) {


    } elseif($Checkfront->error) {


        print "Error: \n" . var_export($Checkfront->error,true);


    On a test connection to the script on executes perfectly telling us :

    Array ( [version] => 2 [host_id] => [name] => Brinvecon [request] => Array ( [category_id] => 6 ) [qs] => Array ( [category_id] => 6 ) [query] => Array ( [local_end_date] => 12/31/69 [local_start_date] => 12/31/69 ) [items] => Array ( ) )

    running instead the same script (but with todoaluguel data in the checkfront script array) , as it should be connected to we obtain :

    Error: array ( 'id' => 'invalid_grant', 'msg' => 'The access token provided is invalid.', )

    Now we double checked all parameters twice and could not find an error, and as todonatal is a paying customer of checkfront I placed a trouble ticket , to get nothing else than being redirected here.

    Obvious I cannot reveal the connection code in a public area, so how may I obtain help ?

    Can you please advice

    Best regards

    Claudio Klemp / Mario Garih

  • Gegere,

    I am not sure what API is and it's resourcefullness.  Are you available to modify and enhance the checkfront systems?  I am hoping to add some extra tables/modules to suit our business needs.  I am not even sure CF allow this, but if so it would be extremely invaluable, is this the type of coding you (personally) can help with?

    Checkfront looks great, but is a little limited in scope for our business model so we would need to have some extra development on the core files to have full usability.  

    Things like adding a suppliers table, so each inventory item can be assigned a supplier and then booked through reports with the relevant supplier, rather than sending each booking by separate email.

    And then being able to create a customer record, so one customer can have many reservations in the same booking, rather than making a new booking for each customer. Great for sales, but not great for streamling the customer experience.

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