setting prices

To me, to be able to set different prices so the longer you stay, the cheaper it is, is very important. It was working with version 1 and they took it off with version 2 ? I don't understand why. I'm still with the same price setting that I had in version 1 and everything is calculated perfectly in the pop up window, and my client are paying the perfect amount. But in the first window, it is always showing the price of one day which is very confusing for a client who want's to book for a week! and it end up sometime in less booking

To me, this is a going back. I fought for it in version one and it work's perfectly for almost a year. That shouldn't be so complicated, and I'm sure I'm not alone having this issue.

for those having that same issue, please let them know

Programmers, please fix that rapidly that shouldn't be so complicated


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