Can I Password Protect an Event/Product?

We're testing checkfront at the moment and one feature we cannot figure out is there any way to restrict the visibility or access to everyone who visits the booking calendar to just allow a select group to have access to the event, although I don't want to restrict all of my events, just a few?  perhaps a members area or something like that?  I have this set up with my current system and have attached an image as an example.


  • Hi

    The visibility of items can be restricted in the advanced tab
    of that specific item, where it can be set to "Everyone","Staff only" or
    "Packages only".

    Everyone: All website visitors will be able to book this item.
    Staff only: This item will only be displayed to your agents who have the right to login to Checkfront.
    Packages only: This item can only be booked as a add on, but not as a separate item i.e. a bottle of wine with a room.
  • so 'no' then?
  • Hi

    Unfortunately password protection of an item or event is not a supported feature at this time, nor is a membership function.

    I invite you to create a feature request for this item , by going to our feature request page, located here

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