Safari Issue (Resolved)

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We've had reports of the embedded booking interface not working on certain versions of Safari for Windows and in some cases on the iPad.

We've finally tracked this down to a cookie issue on Safari.  With the iPad, there is a cookie setting to "only allow cookies from websites you have previously visited".   In the case of the plugins customers will have never directly navigated to the booking page (as the booking window is embedded) thus cookies would be rejected when this setting was enabled.

Although the same setting doesn't exist on the Windows version of Safari, we've tracked down a bug where certain versions Safari for Windows where it incorrectly treats embedded content as a third party cookie, and rejects it.

Please note this issue was not reproducible on any versions we tested for Safari Mac (the bulk of Safari users), or any browsers on the hosted booking page.

To date all versions of the Checkfront booking interfaces have required cookies be enabled.  To overcome the Safari issue our latest version (2.6.1) no longer depends on cookies to complete a booking.  Please note the v1 interface still requires cookies.

See for more information on the 2.6x release.

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