Price per Weekday/Weekend/3Nights/Long Weekend


I would like to ask help from you guys on how to setup price scheme for the following

1. Weekday Price (Mon-Thurs) - $2,000.00
2. Weekend Price (Fri-Sun) - $3,000.00
3. 3 Nights Price (Mon-Thurs) - $5,000.00
4. Long Weekend Price (Fri-Sun) - $5,000.00

How to setup this kind of pricing.

Im using Checkfront Version 2.5.4

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for you help guys.


  • I would be very interested in know this as well. Thank you.
  • Hey Folks,

    Theoretically, this can typically done using Events and creating a New Price, selecting weekly option, and ticking off the days you want the new price to show. You could then go to your items, set the price for those days.  It seems however that "weekly" option under events is not working in this method at present.

    Here's an alternative you may want to consider:

    In events create and event where recurrence is set to next, select a start date that starts on a Monday for example Sept 10  and end Sept 13. Type is seasonal.

    Create a second event the same way for weekend Sept 14 start date, then Sept 16 as your end date.

    You'll have to repeat these for each subsequent weeks. It's not as perfect a solution as setting it to weekly, and you'll have a lot of events listed, but Checkfront should be able to handle many events listed.

    If you're still having specific trouble with this setup or trying out my suggestion, please feel free to submit a ticket to support.


  • please read event stacking and keep on asking them you are not alone waiting for this issues to be resolve


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