Oauth 2.0 authorization

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I'm trying to go through the Oauth 2.0 authorization process, for that reason I would like to go autorize my Python client but on your side seem there is an error:
If I go to the authorize URL that you provided https://brinvecon.checkfront.com/oauth/authorize/ I got a 404 error (Sorry the page you are requesting does not exist here.)

It appears that this is a BUG on your side,

I know that eventually I can do requests without using the client authorization process but simply clicking on the "Generate Access Token" button and use the Access and Refresh tokens for placing requests.
The meaning of going through the whole authorization process is because I need to authorize requests in a Python client and so making sure that all steps are fullfilled.
I will be otherwise very welcomed if you can provide me a sample code to get an API request example made in Python to make my life easier.


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