Tabs not linking properly.

Hi there.

I have a website for a client and I installed checkfront on it. All of a sudden yesterday, the links in the tabs stopped working. All they do now is when ever i click on any tab, then click "upcoming events" (if there are no events on that day) it automatically takes me to the first tab.

Now.. of course this is not what I want and I cant have this on their website if it is doing this. I am up to the last stages of checkfront, i have setup the payment gateway, spoken to their bank they use. Now all of a sudden it wants to do this to me?

I cant be doing something wrong surely, I installed this on my own personal website and still the same problem. I thought it could be a CSS related issue, its not. I have tried it in Framed mode and used a different websites CSS altogether.

If anyone has had this problem can you please shed some light on it, thanks. Very odd and getting on my nerves. Its a great plugin but this is just ruining it.
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