v2.3 Update (packaged items, removing taxes & editing bookings)

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Our latest v2.3 release includes some updates and general fixes.  None of these require changing the day to day use of the system with a possible exception on the last item*.

- You can now remove packaged items post booking, and opt-out of taxes.

- We've included the tax totals and subtotal while in the edit screen. 

- Changing countries post booking will show a dropdown of states / provinces where applicable.

- When adding and removing items to an invoice, you now stay on the edit page instead of forwarding back to the invoice (this should make it easier when adding and removing multiple items).

- The 2D barcode no longer shows while viewing the booking in the admin (if you have the Add-on enabled).  It still shows up on e-mails and print-outs.

- A customer button now appears in the sidebar while viewing an invoice of their is a matching customer profile.

- The customer calendar now displays more than 50 items.

- The inventory calendar displays bookings for that day when clicking on a date / item (as it was in < v.1.9).

- The apply discount code input has been moved beside the total when creating a booking.

-  Paypal Chained Payment support.

- * On some occasions, adding or removing new items from a booking would trigger an email notification (when enabled).  For instance, if there was a PAID booking, removing all of the items would trigger a CANCEL notification. This is no longer the case.  You can now make multiple changes to a booking without triggering multiple notifications.    If you wish to send an updated invoice, you can use the e-mail button while viewing the invoice.  This doesn't not impact notifications in any other way.

We have also made available the Customer Map add-on for all accounts.  More information here: http://www.checkfront.com/interactive-maps/

If you have any questions or require help with any of the above, please use your support console.


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