How do you handle overbookings?

I am in the trial version and am trying to decide whether or not to go with this.  Currently, it is not set up to book one client per time slot because the system allows the customer to choose their time.  My only concern is that I will get overbooked with customers choosing the same times.  If you book by the timeslot, how do you handle the prevention of overbookings?


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront

    The system will remove times that are already booked, making them unavailable to be booked again.  This applies for when using daily, nightly or hourly based bookings.  This assumes you have supplied a quantity in the item setup (and not unlimited).

    Please note by default the booking isn't locked in the system when set to pending.  You can change this behavior in Manage / Layout / Statuses.

    Hope that helps.
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