Booking Kids Parties--Need Hours Blocked Out

I am in the trial version to see how this would work for booking kids birthday parties.

I only book on Saturdays at various time slots. How do I set up the time slots that I want available or block times once they have been booked?  I don't want to have overlap with

Also, the up sell does not allow for adding quantities.  I want to offer pizza as an option but can not enter a quantity.  Can this be resolved as well?  I think I like this web application but need to have some basic functionality to manage parties online.  Thanks!


  • Hi

    With Checkfront you do have the possibility of setting your day i.e. from 10 am to 5pm. It is however not possible to "block-out certain hours of the day.

    The only way that certain hours of the day can be blocked out at present, is to book them yourself as a "manual" booking.
  • Will this feature be added in the future?  I currently do it manually which is why I am looking into a software to automate this process for me.  Thanks
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