Problem with rates

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  • Hi

    I am haveing trouble getting the system to show the correct rates when booking i have booked the following below

    Booking Ref: TPPM-200410

    Mon Jul 5th - Mon Jul 19th 2010
    Booking shows the following

    Peak: €90.00 x 7 Nights
    Standard: €36.00 x 7 Nights
    Villas: 1
    2 Bed Villa

    But actually it should be

    Peak €90.00 x 7 Nights
    High Peak: €117.00 x 7 Nights

    i am not sure what i am doing wrong please can you help as i cant go live untill this is working as it is casuing the booking amounts to be way out

    many thanks for resolving the paypal issue

    please feel free to amend or check any of the details in the system

    Kind Regards

  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    We'll have a look for you.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront

    We think we've found your problem. You had some overlapping seasonal rates that we've corrected. Please review your pricing again and confirm that it matches up.

    Going forward, we'll try and make it more clear if there is a problem with a rate at the time of configuration.

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