Help with a work around... Multiple times, different prices...

I am currently trying to setup my site, Cooking with Kids Miami which is a service company that offers cooking classes, birthday parties, special after school programs and events to
local residents and their kids. A class or party might include 10-15
kids. It might include 1 to 3 separate dishes to be prepared. It might
be at my location, or the clients. It might be in the morning or
afternoon. It might include "package" options like personalized invitations, personalized aprons, and the length of time might be different.

I can only do TWO events per day. I offer three packages (Budding chef, Executive chef and Top chef) at three different prices. So, if someone books a Budding chef morning session, there is only ONE event that should be left. Clear?

If I setup the inventory as ...

Budding Chef $300
Executive Chef $400
Top Chef $595
...then it would be possible to over book my day if each package shows it has 2 available.

What I need is...

Birthday Party Event
  Package 1, 2 or 3 (Budding, Executive, or Top) to be price increase of 0, $100 or $295
  Two sessions (morning and afternoon) available per day on the weekend (only)
  Ability to add additional kids (qty = [x] and have $20 x [x] added to invoice)

Additionally, an event is a single one-time price, but add-on's need to be allowed
which can contain a DIFFERENT number (qty). For example, a birthday
party is the event, but should allow (optionally) 12 chef hat's, 4
aprons, 1 nutrition book and an add on for the "come to them" option.

Can anyone suggestion a work around? Something I am not seeing? Time is of the essence, but I might have invested time and money into the wrong solution. Help?

Thanks in advance.


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    We have the ability to alias one item to another - though it's currently not configurable in the UI.  That is we can set 1 item to book out another.  If that is something you want, just open up a ticket and we can tie them together.

    The issue that I see is that add-on items and packages can't currently have their quantities adjusted.  So if I book 2 adults, and choose a t-shirt add-on, it will add in 2 t-shirts.  You can force it to only charge for one if you select price per booking in the child item, but it will still book out two.

    From what I understand of your requirements, you need to be able to adjust the quantities of the packaged items.  You can only set those adjustments when booking a single item. 

    One possibility is not to use packages, but organize your items into categories.  So, category: Birthday Parties, Item 1: Party, Item 2: hats, item 3: balloons etc.  You would then be able to add a party, baloons or whatever else you wanted to the booking.

    You could build your own front-end with the API that acted as needed, but if time is of the essence that may not be an option or in the budget.

    Hope that helps some.
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