Tracking Conversions Through To Google Adwords

I need to pass conversion information from Checkfront to Google Analytics, then to Google Adwords.

Whilst I can see ecommerce in Google Analytics already, no conversion goals are tracked.

How do I either:

a) Set up a conversion goal on Checkfront's booking system?


b) Pass the existing ecommerce data through to Adwords?

I've done both of these before elsewhere, but because this is a cloud based booking system with presets, it's not clear to me the best way to go about it. 



  • I had the same question a couple months ago and was directed me to a 'hidden' adwords conversion tracking page.  They said it wasn't ready yet, but it works just fine. 

    If you go to your extensions area, in the same place you would activate google analytics, and use the /extend/addons/google-adwords/ you can configure it.  You need to get the conversion id from your tracking code.

    Hopefully I wont get in trouble for posting that... but I didn't pull any favours to get it!

  • Sorry - looks like the extensions have been moved, so that is /manage/extend/addons/google-adwords/
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
  • Brian & Jason -  thanks a lot for solving this

    All very easy and straightforward to set up.
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