Mixing hours, days and nights in v2.0

JasonJason CEOCheckfront
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Hi all,

Previous to version 2, inventory items with different booking units (night, day, hour) needed to be in different categories.  v2.0 brings this setting down to the item level (now under the advanced tab), as it is no longer dependent on the global search header. 

It's important to note that if you are using a CMS plugin or dropbox, vs the hosted booking page, you are still using v1.9 of the booking interface.  This requires that you keep inventory items in the same booking unit, under the same category.

Once we have released new plugins that support the v2.0 checkout process, you'll be able to mix and match as needed.



  • Will there also be the ability to define a different "booking unit" ourselves? Including "non-event units"? For example, I want to have "add on's" that clients can attach to a booking, and adjust the quantity of the item. For example, book a single party (the event) and add on [12] aprons and [1] recipe book (where the user can select the number in the brackets)
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