must book weeks, how to set it up

We are renting some houses on a weekly basis and they can only be rented 7, 14, 21 days etc. How can I set this up? I have setup a minimum of 7 days, but then if someone enters 8 days then it will show that it is also available for 8 days and it must be a full extra week 7, 14 etc.


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    Hi hifi,

    Are these these weekly rentals set up from a specific day of the week? (ie: all weekly rentals starting/ending on Saturday?)  If that is the case, I would probably set up specific date events that are week long events, using specific dates (for example January 7 - 14), as well as create a rule that all house rentals must start on Saturday

    have a look at some screenshots and see if this is what you're looking for:

    View of calendar and book now:


    Calendar Configuration:

    Notes about booking page:

    Availability Calendar:

    Hope that helps,

  • Would I have to setup date events for the whole year?
    I cannot get it to show without quantity as you show in the screen shots and it does not show in the availability calender.
  • Hi hifi,

    Yes, I'm suggesting that you would set up date events like I suggested for the whole year (52 events).  As for viewing options on parameters, always check to see the parameters under your global configuration ( /manage/setup/config/ ) and also category.  In this case, I checked hide on both the booking unit and qty.



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