Wordpress 3.3 update (resolved)

JasonJason CEOCheckfront
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Some users are reporting issues with the Checkfront plugin and the last Wordpress 3.3 update.  This issue seems to be theme related, including the default theme with Wordpress 3.3.  To be safe (it's difficult to downgrade),  please hold-off on this Wordpress update while we determine the issue and provide an fix.

If you are already using Wordpress 3.3, and are having issues with completing a booking, please contact support for a possible workaround.



  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    We have resolved any issues with Wordpress 3.3.  No Checkfront plugin updates are necessary.  Feel free to upgrade to WP 3.3.

  • Hi, 

    When using [checkfront category_id=2], it doesn't show the category ID 2, it shows all of them.

    We are running wp 3.3, is there a fix for that? 
  • Hi

    The shoycode [checkfront category_id=2] which can be placed into any empty page (assuming that the plugin is installed) should work without a hitch. If it does not please email support@checkfront.com in order for them to check out your booking page.
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