Changing Quantity for Each Inventory Item?

I run a lending library for wedding decor where I check out items, for free.  I'm trying to get a feel for Checkfront to see if it's something that will work for my needs and it sort of does - with the exception of being able to adjust the quantities for EACH inventory item.  Can this be done currently?  If so, how do I accomplish it?  If not, do you anticipate it will be in the future?

I have ~100 items in my inventory and they all have different quantities assigned to them.  Example: I might have one vintage typewriter but 30 antique mason jars.  It would be nice for customers to be able to set the quantity they'd like in addition to being able to see how many are available.

If needed, here's the page I'm working on:



  • Hi SBPDX

    Inventory items can be set to a certain quantity, say for example 50 white dresses and 20 pink. This adjustment can be made in the individual items setup.
  • I set the inventory levels for each item, I just wasn't able to see what quantities were available from the front end (as a customer).  I had to call customer service and they turned "something" on -- it wasn't anything I could do.  So for now, it sort of does what I want, I'm just waiting to see what the new release brings as I think that will be able to allow customers to select the quantity they want for each individual item vs. the entire category.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Yes - the new version allows you to select the quantity per item, instead of globally.  That said, the new version is limited to the admin, and not our CMS plugins should you be using one on your website.  These will follow the release.

    Also, the show availability can be set under Manage / Configuration / Advanced (see FRONTEND AVAILABILITY COUNT).


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