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Hi all!  Our next major update before the holidays kick-off is set for December 7th December 12th.  This marks version 2.0 of our platform.  Version 2.0 includes several new features and platform improvements, many based on member feedback.  These include:
  • New admin booking interface (cms plugins to follow).
  • Customer profiles.
  • New interactive dashboard.
  • Improved calendar interface.
  • Improved hourly bookings.
  • New reports.
  • Partner accounts.
  • Improved mobile support including charts on iOS devices.
  • General UI updates.
  • Several fixes and maintenance updates.
As our network is based in several countries, we are scheduling a system wide maintenance window from the hours of 2pm December 12th to 2pm  on December 13th (PST).  No downtime is expected during this time, however admin logins may be unavailable for a brief amount of time, and the platform may seem less 'zippy' than usual while your node is being updated.  Please stay tuned here for further information, or look for an official announcement on our blog.  Network status can always been seen at

UPDATE: Dec 7th 12pm PST:  Our QA has identified an issue with our new booking interface that is preventing us from rolling out any new code.  We hope to resolve the issue soon, and complete the update within this maintenance window.   Any updates to that timeline will be announced here. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: Dec 8th 10am PST:   We have re-scheduled this release and maintenance window for Monday December 12th starting at 2pm PST.

UPDATE: Dec 12th 12:30pm PST:   This release will begin around 2pm PST today, starting with our customers in Asia.  This will continue to the UK, and US network through to 4pm PST tomorrow (13th).   



  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    This upgrade is currently going out on our US and UK customers.  The maintenance window will remain till 12pm tonight.  No downtime expected.

    Please see for more information.
  • hey jason,

    I am still working in 1.9. Do I have to manually update it somewhere? 

    Gr lars from Holland
  • Same question from me. I do not see any changes I imagine I am still on the old system.
  • Ditto... I've been waiting for several days for the new release to see if it's worth actually purchasing (I'm on the trail version).  My days are slowly dwindling down as the upgrade has taken longer than expected.  Was hoping it would be finished this morning and yet nothing and no updates.  Makes me wonder if it's worth subscribing (I'm not privy to the lack of communication and follow through).
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    The release has not yet been pushed to all of out network, including UK1 and US-West.  You can see what network you are on by going to Manage / System.   You should also see the version number on your login, and system screen.  Those nodes will be upgraded today.  As mentioned, please monitor for updates.

  • I have gone there in the past and the previous mention "Or US-WEST and UK(1) servers still have not received the update, however should see this by the afternoon (Dec 14 PST)." was not there.  PLEASE keep us updated as information is available -- communication is imperative especially when we've been expecting the update (ahem, on the 12th, then the 13th and now the afternoon of the 14th??????).  Let's hope it doesn't get pushed yet again!
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
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    Our priority is not in how quickly we get an update out, but that it goes it without error, and does not cause any downtime for our customers (and their customers).  If and when an update goes longer than expected, there is good reason. has reflected for the last 48 hours that there is an update in progress.  It will continue till it is complete.

    I understand your eagerness.  If your trial is ending, please just file a ticket and ask for an extension.  We'll get there soon - thanks for your patience.

  • I understand that getting an error free update is key (I've worked for a MAJOR high tech company for 9 years).  But, I also know the importance of communication and change management :)

    If I need the extension, I will request one -- thank you for letting me know.
  • when I try to enter I get a "this page is not available".

    Could you update with the progress here?
  • GrantGrant Checkfront
    Please remove the https and use
  • Is there an update?  The last I see is from 6pm on the 14th.
  • I am still on 1.9 and dont see any updates on
  • I am also on 1.9 Any update?
  • Hello Lars,

    There has been a new status update as of this past Monday. As before, please continue to check 

    We appreciate your patience.
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