hourly rental with a cheaper rate the more hours it is rented

I rent a product by the hour, but the more hours that a person takes the product the cheaper per hour it is.  What is the easiest way to put this into the checkfront system?  Through events?  Through the parameters under configurations?  I can't figure it out.

For example:
1 hour rental is $79
2 hour rental is $149
4 hour rental is $249
8 hour rental is $395


  • I'm having the same problem but with Nights (for hotel room booking).

    I've found a "solution" for this but I have abandonded it, because it overrides a key value in Checkfront and for once I'm not sure about the reprecautions in the long run.

    Perhaps a Checkfront developer could provide a different solution, but here goes mine for what it's worth: 

    Go to Manage -> Configuration, and select "Hidden" for the Booking Unit (Nights, Hours etc). Also change to Default length of bookings to 0.

    Then create a new parameter called Nights (yours would be Hours) with Quantity, Required and Price checked, essentially overriding the default booking unit.

    Go to your items and use the "Add Group" feature under Pricing for "Hours".

    If we were able to bind Quantity with the main Booking Unit (it's only logical) then we wouldn't have this trouble. I wonder if the devs have any opinion on this?
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    This isn't currently a feature available to the system.  Technically you can achieve this by creating multiple rule sets, tied to multiple events with the respective discounts attached.  But that's not a practical or scalable solution.

    We are looking into a more direct way to implement discounts based on the booking unit (be it hours, days or nights).  We'll update here when there is something available.


  • Since the Group Pricing functionality is already there, wouldn't just adding a pricing field of "Booking Unit" along with "Quanity" and other parameters solve this? With maybe an option on the setup to hide it for users that don't need it.

  • I think I am giving up.  Thanks vmasto for trying to help.  (Also thank you Jason also for responding).  Checkfront seems like such an awesome system...the facebook integration, and the wordpress integration.  But the documentation is VERY lacking.  I've spent more than two weeks trying to set up the system. Only to be frustrated again and again.  I could make a long list of bugs I have found, but I don't have time to be giving long lists of bug reports.  I just want to setup my system, and give occasion bug reports and occasional feature requests.  I know, I know.  "I should have made sure the system would work for me before I dived into it, because it is not made for everyone."  But I blame that on lack of documentation.  There are claims about it working for hourly rentals...so I assume it is perfect for me, but then find out 2 weeks later that there are critical things that it doesn't do (and in my mind obviously should do).  I am sure it will be a great system someday for hourly rentals, but with the seemingly low man power I think it will be a while (and I am not that patient...my bad :) )

    Who knows I may be back here in two because I can't find a better solution for the price range, but I hope not.  (I did already research my options for three weeks).  I'd probably rather not take online reservations.  Sorry for such a downer.  I am sure this is a perfect solution for some people, and the developers are good to get back to you most of the time (although I still have a few questions that are still just hanging there.)  I keep wondering if I had just signed up for the hour long setup consultation thing if that would have helped, but I was too afraid I would spend the $99 just to find out the system wouldn't work.

    Ok, I am done.  Anyone have any suggestions of other systems that might work for a hourly boat rental business?  (And don't tell me webreserv.com or skirentalsystem).
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    About 30% of our customers make use of hourly bookings.  That said, it doesn't sound like it's a match for your setup at this point.

    Our documentation is added to on a regular basis, but certainly could be better.  You'll see more video tutorials, and extra documentation added over the coming months -- but that doesn't do much for you now.  You're always welcome to make use our support  for help.  Sometimes it's easier just to schedule a call vs back and forth on a ticket.

    You may want to check back next week after our upcoming release.  There are some improvements to the hourly support.  See: http://www.checkfront.com/forum/discussion/269/checkfront-v2.0-coming-december-7th

    Hopefully some other members can chime in with a suggestion for an alternatives that you can try. There are certainly others out there.

    Best of luck,

  • We use Checkfront for hourly, but our setup is pretty basic (shared office space - no hourly discounts, and few recurring events).  

    We have also used BookingBug and AppointmentPlus in the past.  Albeit, we left one for the other, and then found Checkfront... they are decent services, and all do hourly in their on unique way.   Maybe one of those will work for you?  

    Pros and Cons to all these systems. Never seems to be a perfect fit, but building a custom system was way off our budget.  Checkfront seems to be the most 'progressive', and that we like.

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