Wrong discount calculations on invoices (tax related)

Hello there.

I'm using taxes to handle refundable security deposits and payment related fees. This is not ideal but I'm managing. When you use a discount code then the way the amounts are displayed on the invoice is confusing. If I was really using "taxes" as taxes then they would be inaccurate as well.

The discount row should move under sub-total, sub-total should reflect the discount and finally taxes should be calculated based on correct sub-total (discounted sub-total).

If you look at the following example you can have a better idea what I mean I guess...

Additionally showing Savings at the end is also confusing I believe.

This is a very critical part of the system and if customers think that the figures are incorrect they would abondon the booking...

Sat Dec 31 2011 - Tue Jan 10 2012
ItemRateAmount (EUR)

Refundable Security Deposit:€150.00

Credit card fee - not to be paid if second part of payment is made in cash on arrival (5%):€80.63


Discount code: ISTPLC33Savings€403.12
To add more items select from the appropriate tab above.

Sat Dec 31 2011 - Tue Jan 10 2012
Adults + Children: 4 x 5 Nights @ €172.50 (Christmas - New Year)

Adults + Children: 4 x 5 Nights @ €150.00 (email special-2)
What do you think you guys out there?



  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    It may work better for you to add the security deposit as a mandatory addon to your items.  That way it can be tracked outside of your taxes as a line item.  That can be done by going to an item in your inventory, clicking on advanced, and clicking on "attach".  Set the security deposit and make sure it's required (vs opt-in). 

    If that doesn't solve your problem, please open a ticket with support.
  • Hello Jason.

    Thank you for your suggestion. This is how I configured security deposit and payment fee at the beginning but there were some other problems at that time for the addons. May be I should try this option again.

    Please note that I can't see any comments for the way the taxes are calculated in your answer. Do you agree that this is a problem in Checkfront to be addressed? Or is it only me who have this problem?

  • Hi,

    My comment is that when codes-vouchers are applied, full price should be visible.

    Rental 10 days - price     1500$
    Voucher discount 10%     150$

    Total price                     1350$


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