Showing Form Fields On Invoice (In The Right Order)

I've read the documentation on this page:

"Show on invoice: Display the information collected on the invoice. If the ID starts with customer_,
it will be displayed at the top right of the invoice with the address.
Otherwise it will be displayed at the bottom summary section."

I've tried this out, preceding the ID with customer_  for 2 address lines, but this hasn't changed how the invoice looks, or positioned them any differently.

The instructions seem straightforward, so not really sure why this isn't working. So I have these fields in the invoice in the wrong order. Any ideas?


  • We have had similiar issues it in appearance is straight forward however it doesnt seem to work for us either what we have done is just changed the names of the input forms (i.e. phone number to address) While it is not the right solution it seems to be the only thing that "worked" for us.
  • Basically, address fields work with default values.
    The form was reset and our problem was resolved. 

    I recommend you try this (though you will lose any new fields you have created).

    To capture an address line 2 we have made the address field into a text area

    We now understand that if we add any new fields, whatever they are called they will go automatically in the bottom part of the invoice. 

    We are also no longer capturing "title" (Mr, Mrs etc) since we cannot make this appear in the address area. It would be handy if this were included in future updates.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi guys - we've found and resolved the issues with the new customer_* fields not appearing in the correct area on the invoice.  This fix will be included in Tuesdays release.

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